May. 30th, 2007

Well, rode 46 miles in the past 2 days. Didn't pull a very fast average, 13.6 on Sunday and 13.9 today, but that's okay. Have to get the miles in, and the averages will climb. It's felt pretty incredible to go out and use my body again - the physical exertion is fantastic and I feel so good afterwards. Talk about an endorphin buzz. Wheee!

Tomorrow will be another 20-25 miles, then on Thursday and Friday we rest (I hope), and then we go on our first back-to-back rides this year.

On Saturday is the Hot Tamale ride in Waldo, Ohio, which I think is 16, 34, or 62 miles, and when we're done with that, we drive southwest to the Troy Strawberry Festival ride in Troy, Ohio (a GREAT festival) which is 29, 44, or 62 miles, on Sunday.

A busy weekend, but a good one.

Just to rain on our parade (for what would a parade be without rain), Mikey's mom says we shouldn't be going places anymore, we should stay home because she shouldn't be alone. This from the woman who is alone every day when we are at work, and for whom we have arranged to have a friend stay the night so she's not alone in the evening. She is NOT happy about this, but we're going anyway.

Guess we aren't supposed to have a life, plppppththtbtt!

I broke the news to her about hiring in a home duty nurse to stay with her at night, when we go on vacation, and she's not happy about that either. I thought the rate $15 per hour was reasonable, till I realized - overnight for two weeks in a row, plus any unforseen things that may aries... It's going to cost an arm and a leg ($2000) but I'll be damned if I'm losing my vacation yet another year. We had someone stay with her last year, but the person's schedule has changed and it didn't work out that well anyway because Nora wasn't happy that this person couldn't spend the entire day/evening with her.

My mom offered to help with the cost if we need, and we're using money from Nora's checking account to help pay as well.

Ugh. So... I'll be in the poor house, but at least I'll have my vacation.



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