Jun. 2nd, 2007

Well, can you believe it? We got a weekend away!!

Mikey's mom told us this week we shouldn't go anywhere anymore because she shouldn't be left alone, and we informed her she wouldn't be alone because our friend was coming to spend the night so she would have someone in the house. We've told her this time and time again but she insists we are
"leaving her alone" and tries to pile on the guilt. It didn't work. We assured her she would be fine and all she could do was dramatically shake her head and rest her head in her hand like it was incomprehensibly terrible that we were doing this to her.

We still didn't fall for it.

And what a fantastic time we're having! We got up at 5:30 am and drove to Waldo, Ohio to do the Hot Tamale bicycle ride.

We did 32 miles and I finished with a 15.0 mph average. It was 88 degrees and we had some headwinds, but it was perfect. We got to ride with our best riding buddy, Al, whom we haven't been able to ride with since last July on our week-long trip. And wow, did he look different! He's lost 65 pounds and looks fantastic! He has another 25 or so to go, but wow!!!! Very inspirational for me to keep going on my diet. He's a much stronger rider and we all were all having so much fun, we just pushed the entire ride. At one point, we were cruising in a pace-line at 25 mph with our wheels about 8-12 inches apart. We have ridden together so long we can gauge each others' riding habits very well, so we know what we're doing (pace lines can be dangerous when riding in such close proximity because of the chance of bumping wheels or having someone in the front swerve or brake unexpectedly) and we just had a pure blast.

So then, after the ride, we drove to Troy, Ohio for the Troy Strawberry Festival bike ride, which is tomorrow. Another 29 miles, but there are very strong storms moving through the area and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty bad, so we aren't sure if we'll ride or not. The Strawberry Festival draws around 200,000 people, and I'm afraid that might be a wash as well if the rain keeps up.

But we're in a beautiful hotel with a king-sized bed, had a fantastic Chinese meal for dinner, and now we're both in happy food comas, watching it rain out the window.

Tomorrow we'll have to see what happens. But this weekend has been a complete god-send. We really needed the time away.



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