Sep. 15th, 2007


I am a woman possessed. I am emptying every closet in this house and dumping seventeen years' worth of junk-accumulation. Boxes kept in case things needed to be mailed, old bags, old papers, little statues of things I've gotten, old VHS tapes I'll never watch again, all my cassette tapes, articles I've printed out, magazines I've kept, old books that are going to the library for their book sale, the floor lamp and wicker clothes hamper from the bedroom, old Christmas wreaths, old coats from the living room closet.

Still have to do the closet in Mikey's room, the bathroom closet (which Semmie was kind enough to organize for us this summer, bless her heart), and the kitchen.

We're going out today to buy some sort of storage unit or piece of furniture/larg wardrobe/tall dresser that will become my linen chest - sheets, towels, blankets - all will go in there, and will no longer be stuffed and crammed into whatever space is available in whatever room. It won't match the bedroom furniture, but it is storage space and it is needed so very much.

I think I've hit on one of the cores of my discontent. Living in a house that is so crammed full of stuff that one can't breathe, physically OR emotionally. I'm ready to throw everything out!!!!!

Was up till 4 am last night, woke up, refreshed and raring to go at 8 this morning. I vowed to sleep till I woke and I did. *rolls eyes* I expected a little more than 4 hours' sleep, but hey, if my body wakes up, that's all there is to it, LOL!

Thrown out/taken to Goodwill today: entire collection of California Raisins, cassette tapes (over 200), all VHS tapes, miscellanous wicker baskets, old socks, undies, belts. Old stuffed animal. To go on EBay next week: Harmon Kardon CD91 Casssette Tape Deck (needs belt), Great Men of Music LPs. Extra Weiss Kreuz DVDs (live concert DVDs) and VHS tapes.



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