*silly grin* Well... Katie was exposed to my first fangirl drool over my four florist assassins last night. Haven't heard from her yet today so I may have overwhelmed her, LOL!! To [livejournal.com profile] kaylbunny Get in touch with me here and we'll discuss the DVD transfer.

Okay. Cleveland Browns 51 - Cincinnati Bengals 45. This is either the highest, or second highest scoring game in history I think the announcer said. Now I KNOW I'm in the twilight zone. These were the same Browns who had found a new level of ineptitude last week against the Steelers, at one point amassing 4 penalties in ONE flippin' play? I mean - we benched our starting QB halfway through the first quarter and it was all downhill from there. He was cut from the team two days later.

Today Derek Anderson (who got the starting position when Charlie Frye got traded) comes on and throws for a career-high game, breaks all sorts of Browns records with his efforts, and leads the team to this win.

Spent the afternoon burning up the internet with Katie every time there was a good play - why the heck didn't we just call each other?!??!?!?!?!!!?!?

And now I'm off to watch "The Butterfly Effect" with the man.

Thrown out/taken to Goodwill today: entire collection of California Raisins, cassette tapes (over 200), all VHS tapes, miscellanous wicker baskets, old socks, undies, belts. Old stuffed animal. To go on EBay next week: Harmon Kardon CD91 Casssette Tape Deck (needs belt), Great Men of Music LPs. Extra Weiss Kreuz DVDs (live concert DVDs) and VHS tapes.

I am a woman possessed. I am emptying every closet in this house and dumping seventeen years' worth of junk-accumulation. Boxes kept in case things needed to be mailed, old bags, old papers, little statues of things I've gotten, old VHS tapes I'll never watch again, all my cassette tapes, articles I've printed out, magazines I've kept, old books that are going to the library for their book sale, the floor lamp and wicker clothes hamper from the bedroom, old Christmas wreaths, old coats from the living room closet.

Still have to do the closet in Mikey's room, the bathroom closet (which Semmie was kind enough to organize for us this summer, bless her heart), and the kitchen.

We're going out today to buy some sort of storage unit or piece of furniture/larg wardrobe/tall dresser that will become my linen chest - sheets, towels, blankets - all will go in there, and will no longer be stuffed and crammed into whatever space is available in whatever room. It won't match the bedroom furniture, but it is storage space and it is needed so very much.

I think I've hit on one of the cores of my discontent. Living in a house that is so crammed full of stuff that one can't breathe, physically OR emotionally. I'm ready to throw everything out!!!!!

Was up till 4 am last night, woke up, refreshed and raring to go at 8 this morning. I vowed to sleep till I woke and I did. *rolls eyes* I expected a little more than 4 hours' sleep, but hey, if my body wakes up, that's all there is to it, LOL!
It's very cold out this evening. I have both windows in the room open wide and the air is fresh and biting, cleansing, that same sort of chill breeze that heralds the arrival of fall. I'm in the dark, except for a single candle lit on my desk and it's so quiet out I can hear the myriads of crickets and even some tiny toads calling outside. Cisco is staring out at the dark as only cats can, and there is no other sound to disturb things, except the tap of my keyboard.

The wind is rustling through the leaves, and it's a very sad sound tonight for some reason.
I'm so very sad today. Inevitable, and may sound silly, but...

The Browns are playing the Steelers today, and while they are getting massacred 34-7, a sad fact in of itself, and no surprise, given how bad a team they are, I'm really sad because this was a wonderful fall ritual that mom and I used to share. We'd have such a great time watching our poor team get slaughtered, and if we couldn't watch it together, we'd be on the phone a dozen times during the game, talking about it.

I just feel lost and mopey and sorry for myself. I know it'll pass.

I'm cooking dinner, like I always did for everyone after the game, and I'll make the best of it with Mikey and his mom.

Then Mikey and I are going to spend some nice time together tonight - our Sunday movie night.
We alternate picking movies, and it's my turn this time. I think I'm choosing "House of Flying Daggers" for us to watch.
Your Superhero Persona
by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameMullet Man
Super PowerAbility To Fly
EnemyThe Cheating Boyfriend
Mode Of TransportationMechanical Bull
WeaponCheese Cutter
Heading out for Ocracoke in the morning - hopefully we'll have internet down there (we should be able to pick up the wireless connection) but if not.... we'll be incognito for two weeks. Gaah - can I go that long without a computer???? :::::shudder:::::

Catch y'all on the flip-side.

And for those Klaatu members.... hope to see some posts soon! Methinks the you-know-what is going to hit the fan faster than we think!!!
Hey all...

Just wanted to update you on what's been happening. Some of you know my mom hasn't been well since she moved out to my sister's in November. She's been having progressively worse episodes of angina and other cardiac issues, and it reached a critical point in the last two weeks. She had 3 episodes of hospitalization in the last week and a half, and was basically told there wasn't anything that could be done to help, as her cardiac situation was so poor, any diagnostics or actual surgical procedures could throw her into a massive heart attack.

And this was mostly from her life spent smoking like a chimney. It finally damaged her systems enough she couldn't come back from it. The doctor told every time she lit up (she was still smoking up to the time of her last hospitalization) it would give her more and more pain.

She was sent home this past Wednesday and wasn't even 1/2 mile from the hospital before the pains hit again. Hospice was set up for her and we were only making her comfortable. Over the past 3 days, she had been on morphine almost constantly (2 ml every 15 minutes for almost a day and a half, which would drop a horse in its tracks, but it only made it bearable for her), and she finally lapsed into unconsciousness Friday afternoon. She never woke up again, and passed away peacefully, and without pain, last night at 8:15.

My sister and I were at her side when she died, and while incredibly saddened (mom was our bestest bestest friend, and we loved her so very much) we are also very relieved because she was in a lot of pain. When the morphine and Fentanyl finally kicked in for good, she was unconscious, but not in any pain at all. One thing that completely astounded us on Friday night, was that she spontaneously woke up for a moment, and recited the Act of Contrition (we're Catholic) and asked for last rites. This from a woman who hadn't gone to church in 30 years. The priest was able to be there to give her the last anointing and Holy Communion, and it seemed after that, she became incredibly calm and filled with peace. She knew she had come home to die, and was accepting of it, but this was the final piece of the puzzle for her.

The funeral is on Thursday.

We are all doing fairly well, we've shared good memories and happy remembrances of her. Most of the family was able to see her before she passed, so that was a very good thing as well. I feel a little lost right now - alone, even in a house full of people here at home - but I know this is to be expected. The relief I feel is amazing, it hurt us to see her suffering, and it was so very difficult on my sister and brother-in-law (with whom mom lived with since November).

I'm going to miss you mom, and will always hold my beautiful memories of you in the deepest, most cherished part of my heart. You were the most wonderful mom in the world and I thank God for every precious day with you.

Okay, maybe you have or haven't heard the big story, but it's national news. The pregnant woman who is missing, her young son found alone in the house by the woman's mother, alone for probably 2 days, telling them that "mommy was crying" and "mommy is in the rug", and there are signs of a struggle in the bedroom and bleach all over the floor...

This happened about 3 miles from my house, in a very nice neighborhood.

Today on the way home from work, I saw TWO helicopters hovering over the site mentioned in the link above, where huge numbers of people were searching. When I went out to bicycle an hour and a half later, the copters were still hovering in the same spot. Traffic is unbelievable. I saw trucks from CNN, Fox News, and all the local stations, those big trucks with the satellite dishes on them. It's like a zoo.

The only thing I'm complaining about here is the circus-like atmosphere, the thoughtless and relentless pursuit of the "scoop" that is so distasteful and disrespectful to everyone involved. The grocery store (Acme) had a surveillance camera that caught the woman as she was leaving the store last Sunday (I was there last Sunday as well), and I'm sure it has been inundated with reporters. I'm not going up to that end of town if I can help it.

I'm sure this is going to have a sad ending, these things usually do, and I can't help but feel so sorry for the family having to endure the terrible grief and pain, in addition to dealing with the bloodthirsty media.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day!
Well, can you believe it? We got a weekend away!!

Mikey's mom told us this week we shouldn't go anywhere anymore because she shouldn't be left alone, and we informed her she wouldn't be alone because our friend was coming to spend the night so she would have someone in the house. We've told her this time and time again but she insists we are
"leaving her alone" and tries to pile on the guilt. It didn't work. We assured her she would be fine and all she could do was dramatically shake her head and rest her head in her hand like it was incomprehensibly terrible that we were doing this to her.

We still didn't fall for it.

And what a fantastic time we're having! We got up at 5:30 am and drove to Waldo, Ohio to do the Hot Tamale bicycle ride.

We did 32 miles and I finished with a 15.0 mph average. It was 88 degrees and we had some headwinds, but it was perfect. We got to ride with our best riding buddy, Al, whom we haven't been able to ride with since last July on our week-long trip. And wow, did he look different! He's lost 65 pounds and looks fantastic! He has another 25 or so to go, but wow!!!! Very inspirational for me to keep going on my diet. He's a much stronger rider and we all were all having so much fun, we just pushed the entire ride. At one point, we were cruising in a pace-line at 25 mph with our wheels about 8-12 inches apart. We have ridden together so long we can gauge each others' riding habits very well, so we know what we're doing (pace lines can be dangerous when riding in such close proximity because of the chance of bumping wheels or having someone in the front swerve or brake unexpectedly) and we just had a pure blast.

So then, after the ride, we drove to Troy, Ohio for the Troy Strawberry Festival bike ride, which is tomorrow. Another 29 miles, but there are very strong storms moving through the area and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty bad, so we aren't sure if we'll ride or not. The Strawberry Festival draws around 200,000 people, and I'm afraid that might be a wash as well if the rain keeps up.

But we're in a beautiful hotel with a king-sized bed, had a fantastic Chinese meal for dinner, and now we're both in happy food comas, watching it rain out the window.

Tomorrow we'll have to see what happens. But this weekend has been a complete god-send. We really needed the time away.
Well, rode 46 miles in the past 2 days. Didn't pull a very fast average, 13.6 on Sunday and 13.9 today, but that's okay. Have to get the miles in, and the averages will climb. It's felt pretty incredible to go out and use my body again - the physical exertion is fantastic and I feel so good afterwards. Talk about an endorphin buzz. Wheee!

Tomorrow will be another 20-25 miles, then on Thursday and Friday we rest (I hope), and then we go on our first back-to-back rides this year.

On Saturday is the Hot Tamale ride in Waldo, Ohio, which I think is 16, 34, or 62 miles, and when we're done with that, we drive southwest to the Troy Strawberry Festival ride in Troy, Ohio (a GREAT festival) which is 29, 44, or 62 miles, on Sunday.

A busy weekend, but a good one.

Just to rain on our parade (for what would a parade be without rain), Mikey's mom says we shouldn't be going places anymore, we should stay home because she shouldn't be alone. This from the woman who is alone every day when we are at work, and for whom we have arranged to have a friend stay the night so she's not alone in the evening. She is NOT happy about this, but we're going anyway.

Guess we aren't supposed to have a life, plppppththtbtt!

I broke the news to her about hiring in a home duty nurse to stay with her at night, when we go on vacation, and she's not happy about that either. I thought the rate $15 per hour was reasonable, till I realized - overnight for two weeks in a row, plus any unforseen things that may aries... It's going to cost an arm and a leg ($2000) but I'll be damned if I'm losing my vacation yet another year. We had someone stay with her last year, but the person's schedule has changed and it didn't work out that well anyway because Nora wasn't happy that this person couldn't spend the entire day/evening with her.

My mom offered to help with the cost if we need, and we're using money from Nora's checking account to help pay as well.

Ugh. So... I'll be in the poor house, but at least I'll have my vacation.

I feel like a wire frayed at both ends tonight. Unfortunately, that seems to be my state of existence lately. There's something wrong with not being able to find any time to relax until 9:48 pm on a Saturday. Yeah, something's definitely not right here, folks. Grrrrrrr.

Down time? What's that?

Happy Birthday, Semmie!!!!!

Homeowner, writer, professor extraordinaire, and mom to a most interesting array of characters!!!!!! Have a great day!
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May. 3rd, 2007 08:13 pm

Mom sent a check and we decided to enjoy it this time, rather than spend it on necessities.

I bought a Sansa mp3 player/FM radio, 1 GB. That's about 500 .wma songs or 250 .mp3 ones. Kewl beans! Comes with a lanyard, earphones, and a nifty little belt clip-thingie. But the kewlest part is - it's about the size of a pack of gum. Tooooo amazing.

Then I got a wireless Gigi mouse for the computer - bright, two-toned pearlescent PINK!!!!

Mikey bought a nice leather DVD holder to put all 10 seasons of Stargate in. AND we went out to a wonderful filet mignon dinner tonight at the Brown Derby Roadhouse.

And ended up spending about $25 out of pocket.

Thanks, MOM!!!!!

I promise we won't blow the next check.


...I happened to read today, in an issue of "The Spokin' Word" a newsletter put out by the Stark County Bicycle Club, an article concerning an acquaintance of Mikey and mine, whom we lost touch with after letting our club membership lapse.

Apparently this man was riding his bicycle in the area, and was struck by a hit-and-run driver. He was so badly injured that he lost his leg below the knee. This happened in January 2006, and he is only now recovered to the point that he has been fitted with an artifical, metal leg and he can finally walk with a cane.

Horrific, and to think the person who hit him just ...left the scene. How could anyone be so cruel and unfeeling? I just don't understand people.

Sobering thoughts indeed, as I contemplate my first day on the road bike tomorrow.


Apr. 21st, 2007 09:54 pm

Finally saw it. You know, it's really a shame there wasn't any slash potential in this movie. Darn shame.

Card Theft

Apr. 17th, 2007 07:30 pm


Got an email from our credit card company asking me to verify information to confirm an unusual charge. I suspected it might be a fraudulent email, so I called the company directly, and found that it was legitimate. Someone had stolen our credit card number from a card we haven't used or carried a balance on since 2006 and charged several hundred dollars' worth of merchandise out of the country. The card company was contacting us to confirm that this was a valid charge, which it obviously wasn't.

They cancelled the card and are not charging us, but that was pretty scary, considering the last time the card was used was August 2006.

It's weird because we only used the card three or four times, I'd have to go back and see if it was online or in person purchases.

Be careful with your cards, folks!!!!!!!
...because Anotheranon and myself are BOTH out of town this weekend. So without further ado........


Many good wishes to one of the bestest people I know... and I'm not just saying that because you carry a long pointy sword thingy!!!


Apr. 6th, 2007 07:30 pm

You know there's something wrong when you turn on the TV to find the Cleveland Indians' home opener on a SNOW delay. It seems they can't see the ball in the air because it's snowing so hard.

Um.... this IS spring, right?
My crocuses are blooming in the back yard.

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Just 'cause I wanna! Answer and paste into your reply if y'all please!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAR!!! One half of timcharmorbien!

And one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. Many hugs and good wishes to you on your special day!!!!
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